The Effects Of Smoking On The Smoking

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The Effects of Smoking Smoking remains one of the most prevalent habits in society. The effects of smoking are wide ranging and devastating. Despite having the knowledge of these effects on human health, there has been no significant change in the smoking trends. Smoking involves inhalation of smoke from burnt substances. Some of the substances burned have major effects on the nervous system and the smoker is intoxicated after smoking. An example is marijuana, which has catastrophic effects on the health of the smoker. On the other hand, there is the smoke of tobacco which contains nicotine. Due to the serious health effects of smoking, smoking should be considered a major killer like other major killers, for example Malaria. This paper therefore seeks to take a look at how smoking can be detrimental not only to the smoker but also to those around the person. Smoking is defined as a habit in which a person burns a substance, especially tobacco and then tastes or inhales the smoke produced. Smoking is mainly practiced as a means of recreation through which the burning of the substance releases the substance’s active components. In tobacco, the active substance released is nicotine. Tobacco in cigarettes is available in various forms. It is obtainable as industrially manufactured and prepared cigarette rolls, or it could be obtained by hand rolling tobacco on tobacco-rolling paper (Ramón & Echeverría, 2002). There are several reasons why one should quit smoking. Smoking…
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