The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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With every year that passes our society inches closer and closer to a zombie apocalypse of our creation. There is no solid information that proves the use of social media at a young age to be damaging. There is also no information proving that it 's an advantage in any way as well. Social media is meant to connect a person with their friends and what 's going on in the world, but anyone can easily misuse their social media accounts. Having a social media account of any kind is a strong disadvantage not only to a child individually but to the future of our society as a whole. In 2016, it 's estimated that there will be around 2.13 billion social network users around the world while over 5 million Facebook accounts created by…show more content…
Now that may be harmless and innocent, but its the 43% of children (ages 8 to 16) that have admitted to sending messages to strangers that worry us. With such a high misuse of their sites, 32% of their parents are confident they are making the right decisions and staying safe on the internet. There is quite a lot of controversy when it comes to the use of social media by minors. Many studies have been conducted to study the physiological disadvantages children may develop by their use of such sites. The results from these studies are across the board, some saying it 's an advantage the physiological health, some disagreeing, a solid answer is yet to be determined. With spending so much time updating your status, adding a new picture of yourself, or sharing a funny cat video you 're bound to have some anti-social tendencies. Children 's parties that used to consist of dancing and pin the tail on the donkey now consist of everybody sitting around on their phones, tablets, and computers messaging the person across the room. Most of these social media sites revolving around the pictures you 've uploaded can cause a child to develop narcissistic qualities, with photoshopping and taking the 'perfect selfie. ' Children can be mean and hurtful, rude comments can be left on someone 's picture causing them to feel self-conscious about their apperance. This is the beginning of
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