The Effects Of Stress On A Regular Basis

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Introduction It is mentioned in the article by Choi, K., Vickers, K., & Tassone, A. (2014) that nearly a quarter of citizens in North America report large amounts of daily stress. Unfortunately, this indicates that a great deal of Canadians experience stress on a regular basis. I define stress as an unwelcoming feeling that is closely related to worries of problems in an individual’s life. In general, stress can be regarded as an asset because it is a direct force that serves as an incentive towards completing tasks. However, I believe that excess amounts of stress can be a liability towards an individual in terms of physical and mental health. An excess amount of stress is identified as a factor that leads to emotional disorders and …show more content…

I wholeheartedly believe this primarily due to personal experience dealing with an abnormal degree of stress caused by social anxiety disorder. Additionally, there is significant research that indicates a correlation between the two variables. I define anxiety sensitivity as the fear of bodily sensations that is correlated with experience of anxiety. Personal symptoms that have been experienced include an increased heart rate, sweaty palms, nausea, upset stomach, and muscle tension. Unfortunately, the fear of experiencing these sensations was enough to cause me to experience them. This immediately leads to panic and worry of whether or not it’ll affect my performance thus, generates further amounts of stress. Moreover, the article by Choi et al., (2014) mentions evidence that indicates individuals with high anxiety sensitivity are more susceptible to maladaptive stress reduction behaviors, substance abuse, and psychological disorders. All of which, are factors that can induce stress. From reading the article, it is clear that exercise is beneficial towards improving anxiety sensitivity. Whether it be high-intensity or low-intensity physical exercise, both groups had decreased anxiety sensitivity for intervention versus the control groups. Also, exercise has personally been a benefit in the past which is why I acknowledge and advocate that it improves the construct of anxiety sensitivity. The stressor that was used by the researchers in the

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