Cause And Effect Of Stress

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Stress plays a prominent role in one’s daily lives. Thus, it is important to identify stress and learn to reduce and cope with stress in order to prevent stress-related illnesses that may occur. Stress has a major influence upon one’s health, thinking, behavior, and mood. Stress is commonly mistaken for generally evoking negative associations; however, it is actually part of the human experience that places pressure on people so that they may be able to perform at a higher level achievement. Nonetheless, when stress becomes too much to handle, or becomes chronic, it can affect an individual physically, mentally, behaviorally, and emotionally. What is stress? According to Debra L. Nelson and James C. Quick, in Organizational Behavior, “Stress, or the stress response, can be described as the unconscious preparation to fight or flee that a person experiences when faced with any demand” (103). When an individual is stressed, the body thinks it is under attack, releasing chemical messengers and hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to prepare the body for physical action. Through the release of hormones, it enables a person to quickly respond to “fight or flight.” For example, a group of explorers are in the Amazon rainforest, and they come across a jaguar; this sends a signal to the individuals that a threat has approached, and sends information to their body giving them the fight or flight ability. Furthermore, stress can be classified into two different branches: internal

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