The Effects Of Technology On Communication

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One can never deny that society’s cultural ideals have changed dramatically in the past decades. This is, in part, due to the changes in technological advances. These devices almost a complete necessity as of 2017, since, from personal experience, many professors require students to use technology to complete assignments and to turn them in. The past 10 years have also allowed for “sociable” machines, as Sherry Turkle, a Professor of Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, explains in her book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. Many machines today can be programmed to communicate or even provide services that a human being could do, only do so flawlessly. While these advantages can be seen as something that can only benefit people, Turkle explains that the reality of this phenomenon must be taken into deeper consideration when concerning how this affects people psychologically.
Turkle examination on the long-lasting effects that technology can have on conversation begins with the story of an experience she had conversing with a school who worried that their students were beginning to lose empathy and find it difficult to connect or to make friends because they were raised not knowing a life without advanced technology or social media. The excessive use of technology created a sort of barrier that prevented people from joining into deep and important conversations and from joining them without distraction. (Turkle 5) She goes beyond this
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