The Effects Of Television On Children 's Brain

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The Effects of Television on Children Television sets can be found in almost every American’s home. They’re used for news report, daily weather forecast and for pleasure. However, time spent in front of the tube is linked to having adverse affects in the development of children’s brains. Excess screen time can be linked to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, aggressive behavior, poor mental development, and physical health issues later in life. In one study a young six year old boy was observed after being referred for aggression disorders in school. The observation found that he was watching three to four hours of television programming a day. When his mother would try to cut down on this time he would lash out and become very …show more content…

Plus, when watching TV you’re not interacting with others. This lack of interaction leaves little opportunity to develop imaginative ideas. Without this kind of creative thought the child cannot begin to strengthen their mental problem solving skills. A child’s ability to focus their attention on any given subject also seems to be under television attack. “The rapidly changing images and scenery of many television shows may over stimulate very young children and adversely affect the development of brain synapses,” (Lehman 14). As previously stated, television programs can cause over stimulation of the brain. This is not a good thing. Being flooded with stimuli inhibits the brain’s ability to focus on any one idea. This affects the child’s ability to contemplate deep thoughts, comprehend lessons, and participate in independent problem solving (Healy 917-918). Another troubling area concerning television at a young age is something referred to as ‘background television’. This is television that a child may be too young to comprehend and plays in the background during play, family time, chores, etc. The American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Public Education (1999) recommends no screen media exposure for children aged 2 years and younger. Nevertheless, nearly 75% of parents of very young children say that television is on ‘‘about half of the time’’ or more, even if no one is watching (Rideout &

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