The Effects Of The Oversexulization Of Women

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The Negative Effects of the Oversexulization of Women in Media
The average American spends 9 years of their life watching television (Statistic Brain). In these 9 years, they are continually bombarded by oversexualized images of women. In commercials, women are often portrayed as objects and are no more than a means to an end for advertisement companies, who see their bodies as a phenomenal way to draw the male gaze to their products. Legal measures should be taken to minimize the sexual exploitation of women in media and advertisements, and there should be certain legal standards for the weight and health of models in the fashion industry.
Advertising executives argue that the images they flagrantly display are only to catch people’s attention, and there is no deep underlying message in them. However, studies done on the effects of sexual images in the media on young women prove otherwise. According to a study done by The University of Texas, “girls with higher levels of ‘interalized sexualiztion’ earned lower grades in school and scored lower on standardized tests than their peers.” Advertising executives claim to be “playing to their audience,” but are they conditioning their young audience to think that this sexulization is normal? In Women and Media: A Critical Introduction the authors claim that the media is “deliberately structured to produce a male gaze that makes voyeurs of us all.” Over sensationalizing womens bodies takes women’s power from them and gleefully…
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