The Effects Of Video Game Playing On Attention, Memory, And Executive Control

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The article I examined for this critique was “The effects of video game playing on attention, memory, and executive control,” a study carried out by the University of Illinois 's Department of Psychology. Researchers Arthur F. Kramer, Daniel J. Simons, Monica Fabiani, and Gabriele Gratton wanted to test if benefits received from playing video games were limited to just visual and attentional tasks. They sought to do this by replicating previous experiments and examining the differences between gaming experts and non gamers, and then taking it a step further by applying a wider range of tasks that tested the subjects cognitive abilities. As background information on the subject, this article listed multiple other studies that they 'd collect when doing research for their own. One such experiment took a look at Israeli Air Force flight cadets and separated them into two groups: those who played a video game called Space Fortress, and those who didn 't. This study said that the gaming cadets outperformed the no-game control group on their actual fight performances, meaning the skills that the cadets picked up when playing Space Fortress successfully transferred over to their skills with flight control. Since my group decided to go a new route and compare our subjects retroactively, it helps to know that there is a difference between people who play video games and those who don 't over a long period of time. In our study, we 're hypothesizing that people who are experienced

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