The Effects Of Video Games On Society

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Violence in video games can affect ones mindset in so many different ways, where we don’t even realize it. For example playing “Grand Theft Auto” for a few hours will change your mindset. Even though it wouldn’t be in a tremendous way, but for a few minutes your mindset will think, “This game is so much fun, I want to steal cars, have police chase me, shoot at people, even steal helicopters”. According to Social scientists in the New York Times, Many studies have shown that this is becoming a major issue because of how realistic these games are starting to look. According to PBS Newshour, Another issue is, with all these major shootings, such as the Sandy Hook, The theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, The Newton Killer, Adam Lanza ; all show that they played many violent video games. But there can be other reasons as to why they made such a major impact to this world. It could have been depression, bullying as a child, feeling socially isolated, or even a certain state of mind, where they feel like they have to transform that game into real life.
PBS Newshour, Reports that the Newton killer, Adam Lanza, spent hours playing games such as “World of Warcraft”, which led him to leave 20 children dead with no remorse. Jeffrey Brown, a consultant, went to North Virginia to speak with young high school children who actually play these games. He asks them about what does it do to their state of mind. One student admitted that he is fully aware of the violence and all the action in
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