Why The American Diet Is The Key Factor Of Weight Loss

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A somber fact that exists in American society is that thousands of Americans search for the unreal dream of becoming thin. Every day someone is on a new diet, whether it’d be your neighbors, friends, or even your relatives. Dieters acquire many disguises such as “the bandwagoner”, and the “promise maker”. Some Americans want to lose weight quickly and conveniently; therefore, a trendy diet attracts the bandwagoner. The new, inexpensive fees at the gym might attract the promise maker, who typically promises to go to the gym an ample amount of times each week. Although several of the different dieters are successful, the majority of the bandwagoners and promise makers don’t succeed. Even though there are several different ways to lose weight, according to the ACE (American Council on Exercise), “Diet is the main key factor of weight loss”.

With the idea of weight loss being significant in American society, companies have taken full advantage by creating supplements that vow to help with reducing body fat. Hydroxycut, a company that advertises their dietary supplements, use creative slogans that lure their friends, the bandwagoners to their hotline. Slogans such as: “You’ve never looked better in black!” jumble with people’s emotions in a positive way, making them more prone to buying these products. Hydroxycut’s main focus is the production of caffeine capsules; these capsules stimulate appetite while giving a boost of energy. Although the capsules are not approved by

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