The Effects Of Workplace On Health And Wellbeing Of Their Employees

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Nowadays, workplace bulling is prevalent in all organisations across all industries, and it is of utmost importance for organisations to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees. Workplace bullying includes verbal, physical, psychological or social abuse by an employer or colleague at work. Rousseau et al (2015, p.287) define workplace bullying as ‘repeated occurrences of negative acts over a sustained duration’ in which victims are unable to defend themselves. Furthermore, Randall (cited in Olive and Cangemi, 2015, p.20) defines workplace bullying as ‘aggressive behaviours that are intended to inflict psychological angst or even physical harm’. Although there are numerous different definitions for what workplace bullying is, it is clear to say they all mention how bullying can deeply affect the mental, physical and financial health of the victim. Mental health is associated with an individual’s psychological and emotional well-being. Physical health can be defined as the overall health of an individual, mainly to do with physical fitness and well-being. And financial health is used to describe the state of one’s personal financial situation. Olive and Cangemi (2015, p.19) discuss that workplace bullying not only impacts the health and well-being of its victims, it also adversely impacts organizations through ‘decreased productivity, excessive absenteeism, and costs associated with employee turnover’. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for organisation’s to

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