The Effects of Burning Carbon Dioxide Essay

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The Effects of Burning Carbon Dioxide

The main waste product of fuel we burn is carbon dioxide, which is thought to have been the main factor in the gradual rise of global temperatures of the last hundred years. The rise is called ‘Global Warming’. The mechanism used to explain the rise in temperature is the greenhouse effect. Infrared radiation is trapped by atmospheric gases. Sunlight easily passes these gases on it way into the earth’s atmosphere but on its way out the gases reflect the radiation back towards earth. Therefore as these gases increases the amount of radiation kept in the atmosphere is increased. Caron dioxide is one of the main green houses gases. Carbon dioxide is a waste product …show more content…

He suggests that rather than cutting carbon dioxide emissions, it would be more cost effective to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the atmosphere by scattering the sun's rays. Fine metallic nets deployed in the stratosphere should do the trick according to Mr. Teller. This would help slow or even stop global warming.

Carbon Monoxide:

Carbon monoxide forms during incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. It is extremely hazardous as things such as gas central heating boilers which are badly maintained can leak the gas causing carbon monoxide poisoning which would result in death. Carbon monoxide reacts irreversibly with haemoglobin. In red blood cells haemoglobin normally reacts with oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin, which is then transported from our lungs to all our body cells. When carbon monoxide is breathed in it combines with haemoglobin to form carboxyhaemoglobin where the oxygen is not released from the haemoglobin therefore causing a lack of oxygen which can result in death.

The solutions to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning are to give the odorless gas a distinct smell so that people can smell when there are gas leaks in their appliances. Another solution is to install carbon monoxide detectors which act in the same way as fire alarms and give off a signal when they detect carbon monoxide. There are other precautions which can be taken such as maintaining your

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