Essay about The Effects of Hollywoods on Society

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Hollywood is starting to become more and more harmful to society. Many people wonder why it is this way. Simple, Hollywood is a very high power in the world; that power leads to being influential. Individuals look up to celebrities as good role models, when in fact, they aren't good ones at all. They aren't themselves on the set of a movie or a TV show. They are playing a role that the producers have written up. Since the characters aren't real, America gets the wrong impression of almost everything. Children get false ideas in their heads of what the world is really like. Teens and adults get false perceptions of how much they should weigh, what size clothes they should wear, and what they should look like. All ages get the wrong idea of …show more content…

This is crucial in understanding that Hollywood is harmful for all ages. Not only are pre-teens and children thinking they aren't good enough because they don't look like celebrities, but forty year olds are doing it too! This is a major realization in understanding that Hollywood is damaging our society. Forty year olds have the logic to understand that is wrong but yet they do it anyway, because of the ideas Hollywood has put in their head. Hollywood does not care whether or not the things shown are perceived to be wrong to most of the world. They care about money and getting the most out the product they distribute. Michael Douglas says this, "Hollywood's responsibility is to entertain first and any residual value beyond that is wonderful and nourishing" (Lowson). Many other celebrities agree with him. Even Kathleen Lowson herself says something about it. This is what she said; "The goal of Hollywood, inasmuch as it is a business, is to generate box office receipts. Society, in return, receives the impact of Hollywood’s impressions and the messages they instill" (Lowson). In her article she discusses this with many people, and almost all of them agree. Today in the world, many people have thrown out morals and in place of it, they seek for money. Money has become all powerful today. The more you have the better you are; when in all reality, someone with not even a penny can be a better person than one with

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