Essay about The Effects of Hollywoods on Society

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Hollywood is starting to become more and more harmful to society. Many people wonder why it is this way. Simple, Hollywood is a very high power in the world; that power leads to being influential. Individuals look up to celebrities as good role models, when in fact, they aren't good ones at all. They aren't themselves on the set of a movie or a TV show. They are playing a role that the producers have written up. Since the characters aren't real, America gets the wrong impression of almost everything. Children get false ideas in their heads of what the world is really like. Teens and adults get false perceptions of how much they should weigh, what size clothes they should wear, and what they should look like. All ages get the wrong idea of what they should and shouldn't do. They also think Hollywood is perfect but it isn't. The effects of Hollywood on society today are very detrimental to all ages.
Hollywood becomes more of a threat to people every day. "Hollywood [is] pushing the envelope, breaking taboos, desensitizing the public, tearing down the moral construct this country has built on, mocking the traditional family and rewriting history" (West). Hollywood is damaging everyone's entire moral system from previous years, now and to come. There are so many people whose personal identity is being ruined by the things Hollywood is making them think. Hollywood says they aren't good enough the way they are. People then start to change themselves when they don't need to. This…