The Effects of Peer Pressure

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Connection Paper Instructions Fall 2010 Overview and General Information You are to read, reference, and summarize four articles, each on the same topic or very closely related topics which we have studied or will study during the term so virtually any topic related to psychology will be acceptable. You will complete and turn in a Connection Paper Form which is a Word® document and is available in AC Online > Lessons > Connection Paper Information > Connection Paper Form. It must be done in Word®. At least one of the articles is to come from a scholarly source and at least one is to come from a popular source and at least one article must be from online. The 4th article can be of any type you choose. Use four different sources.…show more content…
Due Date The connection paper may be turned in at anytime during the term but no later than midnight on Wednesday, 03 November 2010. Any which are not turned in by the deadline may or may not be accepted at your instructor’s discretion. Any that are accepted late will suffer a reduction in grade. Samples of “A” Connection Papers One or more samples of “A” papers will be provided for you via AC Online for you to read to get the feel of what is expected and to use as models. Instructions (Name) and (Date) at the top of the form should be deleted and replaced with your full name and the date without parenthesis. The other sections should be completed as follows. Articles Information This information should be given in APA format. If this information is not made available to you in class or via AC Online, you may obtain a copy on the 4th floor of the Lynn Library. There are several APA citation generators on the web you might try one of these to be sure your formatting is correct. The “(APA format)” is in the form as a reminder to use this format and should be deleted when you type in the information. A link to one or more online citation generators will be provided to you via AC Online in the Connection Paper folder. These can be helpful but they often don’t generate a completely accurate APA citation. Use some good logic to figure out if yours are correct. In general an APA citation for an article retrieved

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