Childhood Obesity Video Analysis

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The video emphasizes the importance of eating right and managing a normal weight in children due to the increased risks of becoming obese with poor nutrition. A child who is diagnosed as obese has a higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiac issues, stroke, and psychological problems later on in life. Prevention recommendations are available through the American Academy of Pediatrics website as well as local healthcare professionals. This disease can be controlled early in life with the practice of healthy habits that can include the choices of food, physical activity, and overall education on the dangers of obesity.
According to the video, 1 out of 4 children in the U.S is obese and there has been an increase of about 40% in the past few years (HSC, 2015). Children are specifically …show more content…

Parents should encourage their children to participate in team sports at school or even spending family time together outside at the park. Time in front of the television and computer screen should be decreased as well. A great way to help achieve these goals is to remove any entertainment system from both the kitchen and any bedrooms as well (AAP, 2016). These interventions will improve the quality of life for the child as well as decrease their risks of developing health issues.
In conclusion, parents should make a preemptive attempt to educate themselves on how to help their child maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. There are changes that must be made on multiple levels to deal with the many factors of childhood obesity. The decrease in television time and the increase in physical activity, sleep, and good nutrition are recommended measures for the prophylaxis of obesity. Although it is surprisingly very challenging to deal with this growing issue, a reversal in the trend of obesity starts at

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