The Effects of the Agricultural Revolution Can Still Be Felt Today

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As we know Agriculture Revolution started approximately ten thousand years ago. Ten thousand years ago humans did not have fancy cars, TV, laptops, nice clothing, or any other expensive material things for that matter. The first and only priority known to men and women was food (Giroud,1995). Before the first crops grown by man to produce wheat that started the farming innovations, there were hunter/gather roles for collecting food. The roles of a hunter was taken by the males (Miller,1985), and the role of gathers was taken by the females who also stayed at home to take care of the children’s. I believe the strength of men to hunt was the real reason that men held more power than women through time. After the power was gone to the men, it was hard for women to get it back, which is where the power struggle began for women. Even after things got easier to produce food, which could have been taken care off by a women to take back to power from males, but by then it was too late (Giroud,1995). The effects of back in the day are still passed down to this day. Men did undermined women; it was believed that women technically couldn’t do the same jobs as men because they are simply not capable of it. Some can say that it was a situation that took place a long time ago, but many still believe that some men still think men and women are not equal in today’s modern society. Believe it or not, hunters for males and gathers for females shaped what sex has the power in our society
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