The Civilization Of The Egyptians

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The civilization of the Egyptians was accomplished by its surroundings. The Nile always flooded among the spring time every year. The flood would leave tons of fertile silt. The Sahara Desert also surrounded Egypt, but with the Nile it was a great place to live in. With it Egypt grew a lot of manpower and acquired a surplus to trade and to devote to other matters. Nature had also created a vast fortress wall that protected them from hostile neighbors. They all spoke a common language and shared religious beliefs. They made a palette for the gods that was two feet and it told the unification of Egypt. Narmer was the first one to unify Egypt and it was kept that way for 3,000 years. They had a belief that their pharaoh would be resurrected in another world and made huge tombs for them with necessities inside with their dead body. There are nine eras of Egyptian history, they are called: Predynastic early Dynastic, Old Kingdoms, First Intermediate Period, New Kingdoms, Late Period, and Ptolemaic Period. One Egyptians ruler, named Khufu, created the largest tombs and pyramids. This earned the Pyramid age nickname for the Old Kingdom, First Intermediate Period New Kingdom, Late Period, and Ptolemaic Period. One Egyptian ruler, named Khufu, created the largest kingdom. Hisson Khafra made the famous Sphinx, it’s face looked like a lion and was a man. Menkauru was also going to make a huge pyramid, but died in his twenty eight term leaving it incomplete. The next dynasty…
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