The Eight Characteristics Of The Neolithic Revolution

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The Neolithic Revolution was a great change, nomads traded in their transhumance mode of life for permanent settlements. It resulted in the formation of many civilizations, such as the Sumerian civilization. The Sumerian civilization existed from 1500 B.C.E to 200 B.C.E, and was located in present and fulfill the eight characteristics of a civilization. The eight characteristics of a civilization are cities, an organized central government, job specialization, social classes, complex religions, art and architecture, writing, and public work. Seeing the fact that the Sumerian people possessed all eight characteristics, they are a civilization. The Sumerian people were able to fulfill the characteristic of having cities. Cities are permanent settlements, they came about because of the changes during the Neolithic Revolution. Nomads became farmers and settled down, beginning to grow more food. Extra food led to an increase in population in settlements which led to the settlements evolving into cities. In the Sumerian civilization, they had city-states, each city-state had its own government, ruler, warriors and gods. These city-states helped control use of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and division of resources. The city-states were rivals and often battled for control of land and water. This led to the creation of generals and war leaders for protection. These over time evolved into a dynastical rling. The creation of cities led to the creation of an organized government,
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