The Election Of 1932 : Herbert Hoover And Franklin D. Roosevelt Essay

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The two candidates in the election of 1932 were Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. It took place in the middle of the Great Depression and is one of the most known elections there is to date. When the stock market crashed and the banks went out of business everyone started losing their job, which lead to their house being repossessed and having nowhere to live. Turning to the government, citizens of the United States searched for guidance through their hard times. It was obvious by Hoover’s previous term in office that he was trying his best to help the American people, but it just was not enough. The people needed more, which is what Roosevelt promised them. In the end, Roosevelt won in a landslide, four hundred seventy-two electoral votes to fifty-nine. The popular vote was no different with Roosevelt’s 22,818,740 votes to Hoover’s 15,760,425 votes (Woolley & Peters, 1999). This election was the first time a Presidential Nominee accepted the nomination with a speech at the Convention (Goodman, n.d.).
The Candidates and their Parties Although Hoover did not win this election, he was still the thirty-first president of the United States, where he was a part of the Republican Party with his running mate and Vice President candidate Charles Curtis. Before he ran for president, Woodrow Wilson made him head of the Food Administration during World War One. In his term in office, he vetoed many bills that could have helped citizens recover from their losses. He did this

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