The Electronic Baggage Handling System

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Denver International Airport looks courageously into the prospect of an electronic baggage-handling system, this baggage handling system was built by BAE Automated system. It is an intended dream of a dreadful and instantly got to be well-known because it was able to consume, and misplace bags in its pathway. A good project manager is essential and can bring delightful results to the organization such as moderate expenses for the project, creating a clear set of goals and enhance a good communications network within the organization. The information phase software can be prone to failure or successes can that lead openly to business failure or success. The electronic system has cost the airport a lot of expenses in designing and installing, after its letdown, the conventional baggage system that had to be conveyed with extra expenses and the long time spent while opening the airport lead to the extra cost. Some of the most significant are: lack of enough time allowed to develop the system properly, the business requirements of the airline kept changing, the company planning and implementing the system did not create a system of this scale and also those making key decision undervalued the difficulty involved leading to failure of the project (Montealegre, R., & Keil, M., 2000). A reason for automation begins by labeling how it was certain that Denver International Airport would have an automatic baggage handling system. A small evaluation of the history of Denver
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