The Electronic Health Records

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Meaningful Use The meaningful use law was written into legislation with the sole purpose of providing healthcare providers with funding for implementing healthcare information technology, electronic health records, protecting patient’s health information, and provides patients with greater access and control over their protected health information. Derived from the Health Insurance Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) that provides funding and incentives for the implementation of electronic health records. Title IV of division B of the ARRA is considered part of the HITECH Act. It addresses Medicare and Medicaid EHR and provides financial incentives to healthcare providers and hospitals that adopt and engage in the “meaningful use” of the electronic health record technology. If this legislation made known, and end-users have a better understanding of the legislation fears and obstacles in adopting this anticipated change can be overcome. Meaningful use plays an important role in assisting the medical professional to adapt to and integrate technological changes in the healthcare practice setting. Many healthcare facilities have a strict budget, however with adherence to the meaningful use guidelines, financial incentives can be achieved. Healthcare facilities still utilized paper health records in a rapidly evolving healthcare system, however technological advances are anticipated. Meaningful use of available technology requires an major
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