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The Element: Chlorine

General Information

We researched the chemical element known as chlorine. Chlorine has an atomic number of 17 and an atomic weight of 35.453. It has a valence number of 3. The element has 3 energy levels. Chlorine exists as a greenish-yellow gas at normal temperatures and pressures. Chlorine is second in reactivity only to fluorine among the halogen elements.
Chlorine is a nonmetal. It is estimated that 0.045% of the earth’s crust and 1.9% of sea water are chlorine. Chlorine combines with metals and nonmetals and organic materials to form hundreds of chlorine compounds. Chlorine is about 2.5 times as dense as air and moderately soluble in water, forming a pale yellowish green solution.
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In 1978
17% of the United States production went into the production of vinyl chloride monomer. Other chlorinated organics consumed 48% of United
States Production.

Toxicity and Precautions

Chlorine was used in World War I as a poison gas. In fact most poisonous gases have chlorine in them. Chlorine is very corrosive to moist tissue and has a very irritating effect on the lungs and mucous membranes of the nose and throat. Inhalation of chlorine gas can cause edema of the lungs and respiratory stoppage. When hydrogen and chlorine gases are mixed together, the mixture is stable if kept in a cool, dark place. If heated or exposed to sunlight, the mixture explodes. Chlorine is easily liquefied and usually transported in its liquid state in pressurized drums. Great care must be taken, however, to prevent the containers from bursting and liberating large amounts of the gas. In the United States most European countries, large quantities of chlorine may only be transported by train. The present trend is to limit the transport of chlorine as much as possible by producing and using the element in the same location.

Chlorine has many great uses. Chlorine is an excellent oxidizing agent. At first. The use of Chlorine was used as a bleaching agent in the paper, pulp, and textile industries and as a germicide for drinking water preparation swimming pool purification, and hospital sanitation has made community living possible.
Chlorine is used in bleaching as

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