Comparing Frost And Death Of The Hired Man

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Samuel Coale, “The Emblematic Encounter of Robert Frost,” Frost: In both Eliot’s and Frost’s poetry, one of the major factors responsible for the tragedy of modern existence is the sombre lack of communication. In some of Frost’s poems we come across the usage of a technique akin to Eliot’s objective correlative. Many of his poems, particularly “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” “Mending Wall,” “The Road not Taken,” “Provide, Provide,” “Acquainted with the Night,” “Death of the Hired Man,” are true portrayals of the doubts, insecurities, fears; the obligation to keep our promises, our duties and other compulsions; the inner questionings; loneliness; lovelessness; the lack of mutual trust, communications and understanding that perpetually permeate and make our lives problematic, things that will always be relevant to our existence. The same effortlessness with which he transcends the geographical limits of the New England territory …show more content…

However, the poem has not only the beautiful Artistic conception but also deep and helpful philosophical ideas or the themes, that is, the realization of value is the Most important thing in our life and everybody should shoulder his responsibilities and hurry on with his life journey Instead of only enjoying the life at all costs. The psychological journey of “I” in this poem just reflects the Psychological conflict of modern people between shouldering their responsibilities and enjoying the natural beauty. “Mending Wall” talks of barriers between people that disrupt the human relationships. It talks of communication, kinship and also the feeling of security that people gain from barriers. Being a philosophical poet Frost has cleverly intertwined the literal and metaphoric meaning into the poem using the wall as a symbolic representation of barriers that separate neighbours in their

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