The Empire Of The Ottoman Empire

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Three of the greatest empire in the history the ottomans in turkey, the Safavids in Persia and the Mughals in the Indian subcontinent emerged in the Muslim world between the 14th and the 18th centuries. These three greatest empire resulted in a powerful cultural interaction. The empires expanded their power and thus Turkish, Mongol and Arab ways of life blended. It resulted in a flowering of Islamic culture that raised higher in the 16th centuries. The empires ruled through Islamic Sariah’s. They based the authority on Islam. Their basement of power were strong armies, advanced technology and legal administrative officers. The Ottomans Build a Vast Empire The ottomans established a vast empire that lasted for a long time, more than 600 years and blended many cultures in one. The empire’s history is still important as many modern societies, from Algeria to Turkey, originated from the Ottomans rule. Setting the Stage By 1300, the Byzantine Empire was declining. The nomadic Turks were invading the lands. They had a long history of invading others. But they were not united. From this place, a strong leader will emerge in and rule the empire strongly. Turks Move into Byzantium Many Anatolian Turks, to be seen as Ghazi’s (warriors of Islam), formed military societies under the leadership of an emir. They used to follow Islamic code of conduct. They raided the territories on the frontiers of Byzantine Empire. Byzantine Empire The Byzantine Empire, or Eastern Roman Empire, was the
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