The End Of The Ghost Essay Chapter 1

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The General not phased states "open the bag now Sheriff," what the general saw in the body bag was gruesome to say the least a human body stripped of all skin just bone remain the eye balls removed, the general turned to the Sheriff and rhetorically asks "and you think martial law is going too far Sheriff," The Sheriff somewhat deflated states "Well I did not necessarily say that general" At that moment, the Lieutenant Colonel arrived with the extra gurney and the obviously put out M E. The General ordered the EMTS "take him to the morgue," "Sheriff join us" the procession walked back to where the body of the creature fell upon arriving. "What" the general looked down to the spot where the body had been not five minutes ago …show more content…

The General states, "You heard the man Colonel" motioning her to follow The Colonel falling in line states, "Yes sir nice day for a hike," The General points out, "It is always a nice day in here the atmosphere is computer controlled." The Colonel regretting her previous statement replies "Right sir yes General," The General in his authoritative tone states "Colonel do not get taken by the scenery we are still hunting that thing stay alert." Angela thought to herself "Come on Angela will you ever get it together" then the arboretum was thrown in to darkness. The general stated with a quiet perturbed tone what the hell now, in a low voice the Colonel asks "General do you think it maybe Kim" The General

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