The End Of World War II And Creation Of The United Nations

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The end of World War II and creation of the United Nations (UN) in 1945, set the world on a new evolutionary path. This unique evolution commenced with the United States (US) and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) as world powers as a result of their distinctive roles in ending World War II. Their contradicting ideologies as to the basis of this new evolution sparked a cold war bringing fear and great concerns to the masses. Inspite of the intensity of this war, the UN assumed its responsibilities in ensuring peace and encouraging both nations to peacefully sort out their differences. This consequently recorded the first involvement of the UN in the world superpowers’ affairs. Currently, the evolution transits into new superpowers; the United States – an established power and China – a rising power. In contrast to the US – USSR relations, the new superpowers emphasize on constructive bilateral relations that propose to foster cooperation, mutual respect and promote global development. This essay, indicates the importance of unified trilateral efforts and collaborative multilateral cooperation between the US, China and the UN. These world powers have thriven through socio-economic decline to expand their economy, joined forces to propagate the global economic growth and strength. It further describes the beneficial relationship of the US and China to international society by their constructive roles and responsibilities. The essay also highlights the different

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