The English Bill of Rights: The Role Change for the Monarchy Essay

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After William and Mary became the rulers of England, the parliament felt a need to limit the power of the crown. For this, they created The Deceleration of Rights, later known as the Bill of Rights. The English Bill of Rights changed the lives of the people of England and changed the role of citizens in Monarchy. The English Bill of Rights changed the role of citizens in Monarchy by assuring that citizens may petition the King without receiving any punishments, allowing them have the freedom of speech and by assuring that they will not be charged with any odd punishment or a large sum of fine, and making sure that they do not have to give money to the king unless the parliament permits the royalty. This bill mainly reduced the amount of …show more content…

Due to this the citizens’ role in monarchy was more powerful and more effective. They were able to impact how the monarch used his or her power and how monarchy applied to their lives. The English Bill of Rights improved and strengthened the role of citizens in monarchy by allowing them to safely petition the monarch. In addition to being able to petition the Bill of Rights also gave the freedom of speech and punishments that were less harsh. The Bill of Rights made better the life of citizens by giving to them the freedom of speech and promising them less harsher punishments and fines that are no as high. In the Bill of Rights it declared that, “…he freedom of speech, and debates or proceedings in parliament, ought not to be impeached or questioned in any court or place out of parliament … excessive bail ought not to be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Due to this citizens were able to practice free speech and no one but the parliament held the power to impeach the right of free speech. Since the members of parliament were selected by the citizens without impact from the royal crown, the Parliament was not likely to take it away. Also, the cruelness and hardship of punishments were reduced, and excessive fines were banned. This allowed the citizens to be free and more influential to monarchy. Another source states, “The King was forbidden to establish his own courts or to act as a judge himself,

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