The English Civil War: Causes Of The English Civil War

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The English Civil War fought between Parliamentarians and Royalists between 1642 and 1651 which consisted of a succession of armed discordances and political intrigues1. A war commenced as a result of a conflict over the potency of the monarchy and the rights of Parliament. However, in the course of the early phases of the war, the Parliamentarians expected to retain Charles as King, but with expanded power for Parliament2. Though the Royalist won early victories, the Parliamentarians ultimately triumphed3. As the conflict progressed, Charles was executed and a republic composed, accordingly, kenned as the Commonwealth of England4.The regime later befitted the Dependency under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell5. Though Charles II was invited …show more content…

Albeit, he spent the mazuma on things which were not vital and botched to utilize such mazuma for the magnification and Development. Mazuma that was betokened for the country was utilized for just himself and his family. However, this Mismanagement made him not a noble king at all; besides his people had an abundance of culpabilities with …show more content…

Charles I appointed William Laud as Archbishop of Canterbury. Laud wanted to impose uniformity of worship predicated on the Book of Prevalent Prayer30. Moreover, he optically discerned this as the “beauty of holiness”31. The Irish revolt of 1641 commenced as an endeavored coup by Catholic gentry, who endeavored to seize control of the English administration in Ireland to coerce concessions for Catholic32. The coup failed and the revolt developed into an ethnic conflict between native Irish Catholics on one side and on the other hand, the English and Scottish Protestant33. This commenced as war kenned as the Irish Confederate Wars. In 1642, King Charles I went to Parliament with 300 soldiers to apprehend his most sizably voluminous reprovers. Someone proximate to the King had already tipped off Parliament that these men were about to be apprehended and they had already fled to the Safety of the city of London where they could facilely obnubilate from the king34. However, Charles had shown his true side. Members of Parliament represented the people. Here was Charles endeavoring to apprehend Five Members of Parliament simply because they dared to reprove him35. If Charles was yare to apprehend five Members of Parliament, how many others were not safe? Even Charles understood that things had broken down between him and Parliament36. Only six days after endeavoring to apprehend the five Members

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