The English Language Drew Fascination From An Early Age

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The English language drew fascination from an early age. I began speaking full sentences before fourteen months. I finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy before public school. Soon after, my reading progressed to Poe and Lovecraft in primary school; in secondary I read Hemmingway, Dickenson, and much of what the Norton Anthology series covered. After graduation, I spent my professional career in the information technology industry due to the high rate of pay. However, the computer field was not a fulfilling career. Being led back to education, I considered becoming a History professor the first semester; though, the summer before the second year became a revelation. English combines history, philosophy, and the language itself. Therefore, fulfilling the main desire of having a job that is doing things I enjoy for a third of employed hours or more. Education has always been a pre-requisite. I get bored easy with employment that does have a reoccurring intellectual stimulation. I enjoy a job that constantly requires one to expand their knowledge and do independent research. The project and prerequisite research will be invaluable in preparing for a competitive job field. Research for this progression has been an ongoing project for the last two years. During, the Occupational Outlook Handbook has been a vital resource in flushing out the generics of the profession. Post-secondary education is a diverse field. Therefore has separate requirements depending on

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