The English Language

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Over the years, the English language has continuously been transformed; changing and revolving through time and space. We've visually professed that language deviates throughout time and across convivial groups has continuously grown. So, as a student and professional writer, it is imperative to learn the history and unceasing changes that affect the English language and its structure. As linguistic fluctuates transversely and continually, we must resume our need to embrace and pursue the knowledge to master it. Amidst the writing of fictitious conceptions, it is important to recognize the value of how diction, word choices and syntax connect with the evolution of the English language and the practices we inculcate in our writing formation today. In fictional writing, it is valuable to study the English language as well as the native dialect, terminologies and wide-ranging pronunciation and word expressions of people in all communities. To create realistic characters, a writer must understand the cultural beliefs, inner workings, and dialogue of their indigenous subject. Granting that many people believe that they can be successful fictional writers without the general awareness of the progression of the English language, it would narrowly limit their ability to be a master at their craft.
As in the works of many great writers, they learn the craft and mastered capacity to portray characters with realism and truthfulness because of their devotion to studying the linguistic

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