The English Patient By Michael Ondaatje

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In times of war everyone has suffered some sort of loss. It creates great unhappiness and gloominess in the people affected. The only way to overcome these dark times is through great love and embrace from the people around you, the people who care for you. Hana, a nurse in one of the most gruesome eras of our existence, has seen and been through it all. While at the villa she tries and make everyone’s stay, as pleasurable and positive as possible. Hana takes great care of the English patient and listens to all his stories. She falls helplessly in love with Kirpal Singh; she is a light in his dark times. Hana also gives a new found hope to Caravaggio after he lost his thumbs, his only tool. In the novel The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje, Hana’s character brings out the best in the people around her through caring relationships.

The English patient is bed ridden and cannot do anything for himself. He needs morphine to survive and without Hana he would have been dead a long time ago. She cares deeply for the English patient and takes care of him from morning till night. One of the few things that bring Almásy joy in these dark times are story’s being read to him and him telling stories to others. Hana makes sure that she listens and reads to him, because this will make his day less miserable, she is brining out the best in him. She feeds him and cares for him like if it was her own sick father. It is like a father-daughter relationship. Hana lost her father to the

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