The English Patient Film Compared with the Novel Essay example

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The English Patient Film Compared with the Novel

The Novel:

The English Patient is a fantastic novel and is one of the few truly
great novels written in the last century. The author, Sri Lankan
Michael Ondaatje, switches wonderfully between several scenes: the
desert, the Villa San Girolamo in Tuscany, Italy, Dorset in England
and Cairo. Each one of these perfectly crafted scenes is brought into
being in an exciting and thought provoking way. The book is centred on
four main characters: Hana, a Canadian nurse who has taken it upon
herself to be separated from the other medical staff and remains
behind in a mine-laden villa to tend to just one patient, the English
patient; Kip, a Sikh who was
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The desert in the film is done very well and deserves a lot of credit.
I feel that it is portrayed very well. The desert seems to be very
much the main scene in the film, with the plot focussing on this
aspect of the novel. However, in the novel, the desert is by no means
the most important scene; it is in fact the Villa. I personally don't
seem to mind this too much and I feel that it is no injustice to the
book. I also think that the desert portrays namelessness and
nationlessness very well. Although the scene where they are having a
Christmas lunch in the dessert is not particularly special and does
not really add anything positive to the film, it does portray the
theme of namelessness and nationlessness very well, as the idea of
having a Christmas lunch in the desert with a man dressed in a father
Christmas suit is very obscure.

The scene at El Taj, where Almàsy tries to borrow a jeep from the
English is done brilliantly. It is a huge contrast to the rest of the
film, as it reminds us that although there is this feeling of
nationlessness and namelessness, there is still a war going on, and
this comes before anything. So when Almàsy goes to el Taj, we are
brought back to reality about how there I this war that is going on. I
personally believe that should…