Gone with the Wind: Compare and Contrast of Book Versus Film Essay

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Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite love stories of all time. Margaret Mitchell wrote the beautiful story in 1928 and first published in 1936. The book is one of the best-selling novels to this date. Shortly after the book was published, it sold over one million copies within six months, as well as being awarded the Pulitzer Prize. The book immediately caught the eye of a young producer named David O. Selznick who immediately purchased the film rights for $50,000. The movie was just as big of a hit as the novel. Gone with the Wind won ten Academy Awards out of thirteen nominations. By today’s box office records, after adjusting for inflation, Gone with the Wind is still the most successful film in box office history. (IMdB) This …show more content…

In the novel Scarlett has a son named Wade, with Charles Hamilton. There is no mention of Wade in the film. In the movie and the novel, Charles dies of pneumonia while fighting in the Civil War, leaving Scarlett as a widow at the age of seventeen. Her biggest concern at that time is not being able to go to parties and having to wear black.
Scarlett travels to Atlanta with her servant, Prissy after the death of Charles to stay with Melanie, her pregnant sister-in-law. While in Atlanta a battle breaks out and the town is in shambles. Melanie goes into labor.. Scarlett sends Prissy to go and get the Doctor who is caring for the wounded soldiers. Prissy tells Scarlett she can’t go out with all of the canons and shooting, but that she can “birth that baby; I birth babies all the time.” Scarlett goes out and returns without the doctor who is unable to come. In the book, Scarlett despises Melanie and wishes she and the baby would both die; while in the movie Scarlett is portrayed as being somewhat concerned for Melanie.
Melanie and Scarlett both start their journey home with Rhett Butler, a blockade runner who has shown a strong interest in Scarlett. Because the South was rapidly losing men as well as the Civil War, Rhett makes a decision to join the Army to help the South. He has taken Scarlett halfway home at this point when he stops the carriage and gets out. She is terrified to

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