Pollution And Water Pollution

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In 1775, Sir Richard Arkwright began his revolutionary work in the modern industrial factory system. Arkwrights innovative work on an improved spinning machine to create stronger yarn, jump started his career as an entrepreneur. His assets rose as he developed the first horse driven spinning mill; a factory in which he developed a system to divide labor and maximize profits. However, Arkwright's ingenious method evolved into something he would have never expected. His methods decreased living standards due to the increase in low wage jobs, along with the depletion of natural resources, and heightened the use of harmful chemicals; resulting in increased pollution. And “the Industrial Revolution of the mid-19th century introduced new sources …show more content…

With industries attempting to create economically efficient methods of transporting waste, they increase the amount of pollution released into the environment. Essentially, the lack of regulation has led to an increase in the vitiation of the world, which in turn has created massive reform groups trying to change the outcome of their home. However, many small scale industries are still able to run ¨under the radar¨, virtually escaping any government regulation currently in place.
Nonetheless, the fundamental source of the upsurge in pollution is lack of Governmental control. Governments around the world do not seem to prioritize the need to necessitate such laws; even though new regulatory laws could reverse the direction this world is headed toward. For instance, “President Trump's withdrawal will make it more difficult for the world to reach the goals that it set for itself in the Paris agreement - keeping global temperature rises well under 2 [degree Celsius]” (McGrath). With countries withdrawing from agreements such as the 2016 Paris Accords, the likelihood of positive global change occurring decreases substantially.The United States is a massive contributor of global emissions, and when a country of such magnitude backs out of an agreement which helps maintain and decrease Global temperatures, demonstrates how their interests may be different from the general public's. Furthermore, If the United States increases their

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