The Environment Is Destroying The Earth's Natural Resources

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Introduction Every day, society is wasting the Earth’s natural resources in an unsustainable way. By continuing to live in an unsustainable way, it has resulted in the depletion of resources on this planet. Our lifestyles have caused this to become a problem that needs to be fixed. Populations of developing countries are wasting our resources at rates never before seen, yet mankind rarely realizes how it is affecting the planet. If our lifestyles are not changed sooner rather than later, deeper consequences will occur that will alter our lives forever. The environment is suffering every time people waste a resource. It has resulted in an increase in global warming that has affected millions of people around the world and it will continue to do so. There is no definite solution to this problem, nevertheless as the people of this planet, we can at least do something regarding to it. By using resources in a sustainable way, it will contribute to the survival of society and the Earth. More Babies Create Additional Problems Millions of babies are born around the globe daily. Although the birth of a child is one of the miracles of life, in today’s world it might be a problem. The increase in population has resulted in the higher usage and waste of natural resources globally. Ecologist Garret Hardin reiterates throughout his essay, “The Tragedy of the Commons”, how society must fix the population problem and change our life choices for the welfare of mankind. “The only way we
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