The Environment : The Major Factors To The Environment And Economic Development

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The environment is essential to the organisms living within it, that is beneficial by providing food and shelter. Its quality began to be degrade as soon as the industrial revolution began around 1700s. This threatened the existence of many plant and animal species but humans were viewing this as an opportunity to end poverty and other related problems. This was also another way to aid with economic growth. Economic growth is the increased production of goods over a period of time produced per head of the population. Environmental degradation is a major problem in developing countries because the damage done to the environment is less. Developing countries are those which have poor agricultural background and are seeking to become more economically and socially advanced, they can be characterized by low GDP, lack of industries and enterprises, dependent on agriculture and more. This degradation contributes to factors like global warming and climate change. It is evident that economic growth does not benefit the environment but the people only, so the environment is indeed compromised. With every seconds, a country that is developing destroys a piece of vegetation in order to build more facilities that will elevate the country.

There is only one world habitable for human beings which is the one we are living in at present. It is our duty to take care of it, but one of the things that gets in the way is economic growth.

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