The Effects Of Environmental Diverty And Environmental Poverty

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Explaining how global poverty and environmental decay are twin problems would be a lot less difficult to do if many other factors were not included in this issue. What mainly affects these problems is the fact that people in this day in age have a massive urge to want more in every aspect of life—more money, more technology, more materialistic items—what is not being taken into serious consideration is the fact that our wants outweigh our needs, and our Earth is the only thing that can not continue to grow with the growth of our wants. In such a fast developing country like our own, we fail to forget how our materialistic needs and the drive to always stay on top ultimately effects our physical Earth and the rest of the underdeveloped countries in the world. “The primary concern is that a world of over six billion people striving materialistic satisfaction is drawing ever more heavily from finite supplies of natural resources to fuel an economic growth model destined to lead to an ecological disaster and global poverty without precedence” (Harder and Harder 1). As Harder and Harder explain, we must find an economic way of life that is economically stable. There are many different perspectives that view economic growth in different aspects. Advocates of economic growth have a very optimistic viewpoint about the future of economic growth. “Their operational logic reflects their sense of duty to develop latent resources into their actualized state for the benefit of a global

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