The Environmental Effect Of Operational Planning And Execution

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Organizations face many pressures in their attempt to navigate daily operations, while conducting business in such a way that their stakeholders are satisfied. This organization must meet stakeholder satisfaction with regard to profit margins, stock prices, and personal and organizational beliefs. The belief structure of the organization, as a whole, as well as concerned individuals holds special emphasis, as it directs how operations influence the organization’s image. As the global conscience advances through the 21st century, the environmental effect of operational planning and execution take center stage in the efforts to curb and reduce the ecological footprint of a company. Southwest Airlines must remain cognizant of their …show more content…

Puempel and Williams (2016) project that failure to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement could lead to rising sea levels, warmer air temperatures, and more erratic weather and jet stream patterns, which will threaten coastal airports, increase the amount of fuel required for takeoff and landing, and shift flight patterns to less fuel efficient paths.
Hope comes in the form of a progressive vision, one which will set Southwest above its peers in the modernization of environmentally conscious advancement of aviation practices. Setting an example by making commercial aviation operations sustainable and environmentally sound through the implementation of innovative practices in air and ground operations for the betterment of the aviation industry and the human race. This vision will lead to an industry benchmark in the effective, efficient, and effusive operations that will become commonplace in the future of commercial aviation. Although this is a very ambitious vision, it is attainable through solid change strategy, focusing on existing technology, for operations in flight and on the ground.
The main contributor to carbon emissions, and the primary factor of the environmental impact of aviation, is jet engines. Two ways that an airline company can save on fuel expenses, and the subsequent impact to the environment, is through altering takeoff procedures and investing in more fuel-efficient engines. Fuel requirements for takeoff

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