The Epic Epics Of Antiquity

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From the Homeric epics of antiquity to Shakespeare’s plays in the seventeenth century stories have long been used as a way to express commentary on and examine societal issues. Today’s social commentary becomes even more dynamic as we now also use visual mediums such as television and movies as ways to convey these stories and they often work in conjunction with literature via adaptations. Perhaps the greatest illustration of this cross market, storytelling are comic book adaptations as seen with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which spans across not only movies, but has expanded to also include multiple television shows. Last April, Marvel’s years of story building that spread over multiple movies came to a head with the blockbuster …show more content…

The narrative device of Project Insight correlates with fears over domestic spying and in film this is taken to the next level as it’s revealed to be part of a larger plot of the movie’s villain Alexander Pierce to kill thousands. The idea of control over the national security apparatus is weaved throughout the movie and is one of the central themes throughout “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, and I agree with the belief that the narrative neglects the pertinent question of whether or not we should even have and use these technologies to begin with (Rosenberg). Another point from the article that really digs in at some of the failings of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” relates back to the concept of trust in the main characters. We are supposed to be fine with Fury 's choice to shoot Pierce because we trust him. And when Steve, Romanoff, and Fury send the Project Insight helicarriers into deadly crashes, we are not supposed to be bothered by the massive, indiscriminate loss of life they just caused both because they are our heroes, and because the movie tells us that everyone on board is a bad guy. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" at least avoids the destruction so many blockbusters visit on major cities with

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