The Epic Of Legend And Heroic Figures

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The Journey To Greatness For centuries, tales of legends and heroic figures were written in Greece. These tales were about everything from the conquering of unknown lands to the quarrels of god-like beings. Although, these legends are widely praised for bravery in fearless leaders , Ancient Greeks had another theme of importance. Tales such as The Odyssey focused on heroes that still possesed fatal flaws and were forced to accept their imperfections. In this way, the hero learns to embody excellence in all things including their already given strength in battle, this is key component of most heroic characters, Greek writers believed that a true heroic figure must well rounded in all aspects. The Odyssey illustrates Odysseus’s journey to his homeland, but at the same time also contained his personal journey to excellence. Throughout his voyage, the epic portrays the motif of overcoming hubris as an action of becoming a humble and well rounded leader. Odysseus gained the skills that he needed in order to help the people of his city Ithaca, grow as well. This ideology remains true today in the sense that a leader must possesses excellence in all qualities in order to make the country in which he rules excellent; today society’s citizens must follow a leader like Odysseus. When a leader possesses arete that then influences the community he leads to embody those same traits as well. Throughout his journey, Odysseus grew in countless aspects. Odysseus left Troy as a

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