The Epidemic Of Organized Crime

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During the 19th century there were various issues that were occurring that launched an epidemic of organized crime, in the United States problems with organized crime were mainly seen in a social, political and cultural spectrum.
During the 19th century, various problems were erupting causing conflict within society, large numbers of immigration had occurred, the majority had come from China and Ireland. When the Chinese arrived to the United States they were mostly utilized as workers for the railroads, they were cheap labor and they did not complain about the work. Along with Chinese immigration people in the United States started using Opium. With the introduction of Opium, there was a spike of opium use during this time, which can be compared to the increased use of cocaine during the 1970’s. George Appo was one who was a chronic user of opium, he is considered by many as “good fellow”. A good fellow is “a criminal who considered his illegal enterprise to be an entrepreneurial craft and shared an ethic of loyalty, male honor, and camaraderie among his fellow outlaws.”
George Appo was a son too immigrants, his mother, Catherine Fitzpatrick, was an immigrant from Ireland, she first immigrated due to the famine crisis in Ireland. George’s father, Chang Quimbo Appo, was one of the first immigrants to arrive from China. Consequently George was a racially mixed, prior to the 1960’s mixed race were often seen as lower end of the racial class spectrum. The majority of the time…

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