The Essentials For Good Care

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Alisa Manoian Ms. Sajjadieh Modern Lit Composition 4 16 October, 2015 The Essentials for Good Care What essentials are necessary for good care? Family members and friends are extensively busy these days, as a result often the elderly are being neglected by the family members or loved ones; due to the lack of time and care by the loved ones.. This is where elderly facilities come into the picture, whether it 's hospice care, retirement centers or other facilities in relations with elderly care. These establishments are precisely designed to those who cannot take care of themselves or don 't receive the proper help and care needed for them at their home. It is very vital for families to have the proper knowledge and information in choosing the proper care facility. Thus, it is essential to understand the requirements for good facility necessary such as the nurses knowledge of cultural, language, experience, and also the facility itself. Also financial assistance is needed to help with costs of care for family members for their loved ones. There are many diverse cultures when caring for a patient. Even within individual family, there is a high risk that living in the United States affects the family 's beliefs and behavior which leads back to the cultural diversity. The Middle East, a big factor is that communication is mandatory to be two way, meaning one may need to share information about themselves in order for the other to share information about their own self. In

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