The Ethical And Legal Issues Of Healthcare

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Figuring out how to allocate limited quantities of medications and donor organs is among the largest ethical and legal issues in healthcare. There is a concern as to whether or not there will be enough medications to go around in the future and how will these limited quantities be distributed. When shortages happen it is usually because economic incentive for a manufacturer is down. Money is king and if there is no profit to be made in manufacturing these medications then manufactures will not waste production time on them. Drug shortages will be a prevailing issue unless we can figure out how to give drug companies economic incentive to create and distribute these drugs. Until then the supply and demand of these drugs are vulnerable to problems that are inherent to the laws of economics. Allocating the dispersion of donor organs can be difficult ethically and legally for healthcare workers. On one side they want to do right by their patient but they are bound by strict laws and medical guidelines. To speak economically there is simply and excess of demand over supply so many that need those organs will often go without or wait an excessive amount of time. Recently with the Affordable Care Act, research and campaigns to encourage organ donors these problems are being met head on. The Food and Drug Administration is also taking action to prevent future drug shortages and their causes. Major ethical dilemmas and cases will be highlighted in order to demonstrate
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