The Ethical And Legal Situations Of Mental Health

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The changing way of societal requests and data advances have driven many to express worries about the conventional importance of secrecy in the practice of mental health. Supervisors must balance duties of responsibility of the client, the organization and supervisee at the same time. This paper incorporates 2 case vignettes that deal with recognizing lawful and moral issues that supervisors must manage when working with another trainee or different supervisees. An endeavor to depict the basic leadership process and choices that maintain the moral guidelines of the calling is attempted in this paper. Case Vignette 1 Understanding the ethical and legal situations that are involved in the position of supervisor is important …show more content…

It is sound practice to keep personal information private (for example, utilize just first names and uncover only a few demographics). The American Counseling Association (2005) states that the obligation to warn is as pertinent for the supervisor as it is for the supervisee. The supervisor must remember that she has an obligation to inform the supervisee with respect to conditions under which it is suitable to caution a proposed victim. Separating the roles of supervisor and supervisee can increase transparency of performance evaluation and feedback. Supervisors must understand that strains can be take place by the difficulties inborn in clinical practice/clinical preparing, conflicts in the objectives as well as assignments, insufficient regard for the superordinate qualities, deficiencies in specialized competence , and especially, in crossing boundaries; furthermore, infringement, in risky supervisee conduct, and through negative responses and the order of transference, counter-transference and parallel process phenomena (Falender and Shaffanske, 2004). This case vignette does not state if the new supervisee is male or female. Nevertheless, such relations can conceivably touch off sexual harassment claims if the manager or representative takes part in unseemly or biased work practices. The supervisor for this situation, can create issues associated with inadequate preparing and supervision or troubles with moral character or confusion

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