The Ethical Issue Of Ethics

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Ethics plays a part in almost every aspect of one’s life. Ethics is defined as: “the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group or culture” The school you attend, your favorite restaurant, and your favorite sports team all have a code of ethics to follow. Those organizations as well as many other things including any group, especially a group for counseling, has a code of ethics. They also have ethical issues within each program. In counseling, some ethic issues that could arrive are, informed consent, involuntary membership, and freedom to withdraw from a group. However, the ethical issue that caught my attention in the Corey’s textbook is Involuntary Membership. This particular ethic issue grasped my attention because I haven’t thought about the involuntary groups that could come about. I knew there were certain circumstances where group counseling wasn’t voluntary but, until reading this section, it hadn’t crossed my mine.
My first thought looking at the issue itself, “Involuntary Membership”, I automatically thought of my brother. My brother was placed in a halfway house when I was about 13, he was 22. I believe that a halfway house is sort of like a group. You live with these people, eat with these people, and have mandatory counseling sessions with these people, in most cases. Also, it is involuntary, it was either the halfway house or jail. I started to imagine what was going through his head at this time and

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