The Ethics Code And New York State Professional Standards

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A professional psychologist enters into the field of Psychology to help others improve their mental health circumstances. As a licensed professional psychologist, it will be easy to know who the client will be because the client will request a service, pay and consent form signed. Client cannot be easily defined as just a paying customer because a client encompasses so many other things. WHO IS THE CLIENT?

Who is the Client? There should be an obvious answer, which will be the paying client. This paper will detail the outline of what it entails to be a client in the context of the APA Ethics Code and New York State Professional Standards. Under the Ethics Code and New York State Professional Standards, they both have explicit details on “who is the client?”

Definition of a client.
The first step will be to understand why the word “client” which was being used instead of “patient” since the two words represents someone seeking medical/mental help. The word “patient” suggests that the therapist puts him/herself in the position of making decision for the person whom they viewed as impaired or damaged. Psychotherapist who uses the word has to diagnose a disorder in order to treat the patient. Client on the other hand, was viewed as more humanistic and gives the client autonomy over what is best for them. A client seeking therapy will not be curing an illness but seeking new direction in life (Mclaughlin, 2008).

State law and the client.
New York State

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