The Ethics Of Apple, Ethics, And Ethics

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Apple and ethics
Basically, Apple outsources assembly activity to China offshoring company.
We can see the words 'Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China' at the back of the iPhone. According to one article, 'Where are the iPhone, iPad, and Mac designed, made and assembled? A comprehensive breakdown of
Apple's product supply chain'(2), Apple outsources to build their products. So iPhone, iPad, Mac are assembled in China and other countries. That is because
Apple has to save costs of manufacturing and assembly operations while keep brand, design, and supply chain. Apples say they cannot but to choose the alternative with the lowest cost.
1. The ethical question is whether Apple ought to contract (through suppliers)
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Especially it is a violation of the protection of human rights. And it is also against of Apple code of conduct and supplier code of conduct or supplier responsibilities. And more it is a violation of the law.
2. From the information given and reasonable assumptions about these factories and the living conditions of people working inside them, sketch an ethical argument against Apple enforcing the age workplace rule. What fundamental values underwrite the argument?
I assume how were the situation in the supplier plants. Supplier employed under 15-year-old age workers who are not applicable minimum legal age for employment. They might not be applicable for completion of compulsory education. The supplier might not provide legitimate workplace provide legitimate workplace apprenticeship programs for the educational benefit that are consistent with Article 6 of ILO Minimum Age Convention No. 138 or light work consistent with Article 7 of ILO Minimum Age Convention No. 138.(4)
The supplier might require those workers to work overtime or perform nighttime work. These behaviors are unethical and a violation of the law. This is related to prevention of underage labor, and it is to protect labor and human
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