The Ethics Of Microsoft

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Microsoft is one of the largest software companies in the world and had been started up by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 , their Mission and value statements are to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft is known to be a limited company and Microsoft has become one of the big monopolies in the secondary sector. But what are ethics? Ethics are the socially accepted moral principles that guide decision-making, based on the collective belief of what is right and what is wrong. Microsoft has been ranked as one of the world most ethical companies in the world consecutively for 5 years. This is because large companies like Microsoft find it essential to maintain a good image of the company and be well reputed. Ethical businesses are ideal as they apply principles of honesty and justice to relationships with their various stakeholders. Since Microsoft is a large international business, employees and the business as a whole have to deal with situations where ethical decisions have to be made.

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All Microsoft employees are trained and undergo a course, which is available in 16 different languages and has a completion rate of more than 99%. This course involves training their employees in ethical business making which helps ensure that the business has high standards of conduct. Microsoft is a transparent business and we can see that because their standards of business conduct are easily available online and we can see fiscal report results. These can help other business’s improve on working towards being more ethical. Microsoft is a large company that has an influence over billions of people over a large scale so they have a lot of responsibility when it comes to being ethical from providing human rights to being

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