The Ethics Of The Body Shop

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Much of the drive of The Body Shop comes from its values system, and is summarized in the Values Report. The company believes it "has a moral responsibility to be open and honest about what it does, and face up things which need to be improved." In this report the company reviews all actions it takes in the social, political and environmental arenas, and proposes possible actions for the future. The company issues a value report every two to three years, the last one being published in 1997. This report was hailed as trailblazing by UNEP (the United Nations Environmental Programme), received the institution 's top award for social and environmental reporting. The Values Report is divided into three sections, which outline the basic was the company views its responsibilities: the environmental audit, the animal protection audit and the social audit. Locally, the company has focused much of its environmental policies in using green energy sources as well as limiting water use and reusing wastewater. The Body Shop 's most impressive efforts, however, are on the social arena. The company is engaged in a multitude of programs that range from pure monetary aid to establishing production facilities in impoverished areas. The aid programs take place close and far from the company 's southern England headquarters. Close to home, the company donated over ?.5 million to charities and took action ranging from conservation work to providing massages and counseling for people with AIDS.
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