The Ethics Of The Drone Warfare

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Drone warfare is a relatively new approach military leaders are using to eliminate people who have been deemed “threats”. This new approach of warfare allows for the development of a new version of ethics. This approach develops the notion that allows for the throwing out of what is right and what is wrong, and dictates that cost is more important. By this it assumes that the killing of a potential terrorist is more important than the lives of the innocent. The consequentialist concept and the ethics of duty give two approaches of how ethics view this new approach of warfare. The similarities and difference promote a version of ethics that can be viewed as the more modern approach. The relations of these two concepts determine the overall…show more content…
How much of what is intrinsically bad? 5. Finally, pick the action that yields the best balance—the highest ratio of good to bad results. is the optimific choice. is your moral duty. Doing anything else—failing to strike the greatest balance of good over bad—is immoral. Within the scope of this theory Shafer-Landau describes that for anything to be considered a consequentialist act one must weigh the pros and the cons, for this specific case the pros and cons are harming a few to save the many. While consequentialism is one of the theories that can be used to define how the actions taken by certain government officials weigh the good and the bad, the ethics of duty discards right and wrong and conceptualizes it as a form of cost conception. Stan van Hooft discusses the topic that duty ethics provide morality towards others, such as drone striking suspected “terrorists” to keep their country safe. Throughout his description of duty ethics, he continually states that “duty ethics is pre-eminently concerned with action,” meaning one must do what’s “necessary” to protect others. Duty ethics does not consider protecting all it calculates whether it is more important to kill those who are accused of terrorism instead of allowing them to be confronted with justice. Without the realization that drones are meant to protect soldiers and civilians, the assumptions would conclude that they are just tools to kill and
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